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Rudy De Anda

How did you get started as a musician?

I was 12 and my uncle's girlfriend told my grandma she was taking me to a movie but she took me to a Diy indie show instead . I was never the same. I knew in that moment that I wanted to play the guitar .

La novia de mi tio le mintio a mi abuela, quedo en llevarme al cine . Sin embargo me llevo a un concierto de bandas indie. Nunca fui igual. Desde ese entonces supo que deseaba ser guitarista y musico.

Tell us about your new album, “Tender Epoch”? Why did you choose to write and record music in both English and Spanish?

I write songs in both English and Spanish so I don't see any issue in putting them all on the same album they still have a high sense of cohesion and belonging together regardless of the difference in language.

escribo canciones en ambas lenguas, entonces no veo ningun problema en juntarlas en un disco Lp. Llevan una cohesividad y siguen un cierto ambiente mas allà de que no Sean todas las canciones del mismo idioma.

What does Hispanic Heritage Month personally mean to you?

It means just that, to celebrate and bring awareness to the amazing multicultural roots we all come from as Hispanics, natives and Latinos.

Precisamente eso , Celebrar y educar a la gente de nuestras gran culturas que vivimos cada dia siendo hispanos, nativos, latinos

How has your Mexican heritage influenced or inspired your work?

Obviously your culture plays a big part in how you approach art or at least it does for me. It inspires me innately and organically or at least I strive towards that.

Obvio que tu cultura es essencial a la hora de Como formas tu identidad musical y araiz de la influencia de escuchar la musica creciendo desde niño.

Can you describe the type of community you've built so far and how you stay connected and involved with them?

Honestly I get along with everyone but mostly musicians, painters, record aficionados, non racists and I think that community is always built organically

Honestamente me llevo con quien sea, pero suele ser musicos, pinholes, collecionistas de discos vinilos, gente que no es racista. Creo que la Comunidad siempre se construye organicamente.

What are some challenges that you face as a Hispanic-owned business?

The general fight against white privilege but honestly I'm not worried about it too much. I'm just here to make music

La pelea en general contra el privilegio de la comunidad Anglesa pero no me preocupo mucho por eso. Simplemente estoy Aqui para hacer musica.

What is your ultimate goal as far as the type of impact you want to have on your community?

I just want to make music that people enjoy and makes people think that I am personally proud of .

Quiero hacer musica en la que estoy orgulloso y que la gente la disfrute y la contemple.

Who are some of your Hispanic and Latinx influences, both in music and otherwise?

Luis Alberto Spinetta, Celia Cruz, Gustavo Cerati, Violeta Parra , Willie Colon, Rigo Tovar, Juan Gabriel entre muchisimos mas

Luis Alberto Spinetta, Celia Cruz, Gustavo Cerati, Violeta Parra , Willie Colon, Rigo Tovar, Juan Gabriel amongst many others