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Each week throughout Black History Month, we'll celebrate Black creators using their platforms to move the culture forward by telling Black stories and amplifying Black voices. On Wednesday February 10th, we're bringing the second installment in our #GenBlack is Unapologetic series of Instagram Live Q&As with Terrell and Jarius Joseph. Terell and Jarius are husbands, fathers, LGBTQ+ advocates, and philanthropists who are sharing their lives online. They’re truly giving a voice to Black, gay dads everywhere by unapologetically telling their authentic story to their community of over 1.5 million followers across their platforms, in a world where Black gay couples are highly underrepresented. In this Q&A session they’ll be sharing their journey to becoming a family, why they decided to document their lives online, how they built their large community and how aspiring creators can live their dreams, too.

Tune into Elevate’s Instagram Live at 12pm PT on Wednesday February 10th, for Terrell and Jarius’ Q&A with Elevate Program Manager, Ralph Jean-Noel!

Terrell & Jarius Joseph | Guest Speakers

Terrell and Jarius are two millennial gay dads who are happily raising their two children, Ashton and Aria. Their journey to parenthood is one that shows that your dream can become a reality as long as you never stop believing. Terrell and Jarius completed their undergraduate degrees, became homeowners, and successfully conceived their first child via surrogacy by the age of 22. Unfortunately, they lost that baby at 20 weeks gestation. While some would have given up after experiencing a moment like that, the dynamic duo turned their lemons into lemonade. They continue to use their story and journey to inspire and uplift others to chase their dreams, goals, and aspirations.The Joseph's continue to live life unapologetically, and use their platform as a chance to be a positive representation in the LGBTQ and Black Dad communities and spaces.